We helped CriptoCanal with a complete redesign of its image, website and business structure. We implemented a better face to the blog that allowed to integrate different tools enriching the entire reading experience for the end-user and facilitating the administration for the owners of the site.
All this work was accompanied by a great effort on the marketing front through a social media launching campaign and the connection with our associates to help them monetize the content.




We established that one of the main needs on this project was to simplify the administration work for the owner of the store. That's why we choosed a way easer backend that allowed him to concentrate on what matters instead of fighting with the platform.


We approached this project with a customer centric design focused on the purchase experience bringing to the table a lot of fidelization tools. The active user per month rised from around 50 to 1.2k on the first period checked, that came along with a radical improvement on the conversion rate .


A multi-level referral campaign was designed and implemented for the store. It included all the promotional videos and sites, the educational content for the users and the handling of the communication strategies that are still used, tested and further tuned to reach the expected results

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